Justin’s Watch.Listen.Read picks for August 2016

As a member of the FSG fee-only financial planning team, Justin Moilanen is an avid reader and content consumer.  He’s always on the prowl for content that our clients and visitors might find useful, informative, entertaining, or enlightening. Some of the pieces are directly related to retirement planning, tax strategies, estate planning or other financial topics.  Some of the pieces are not, but nonetheless engaging. Each month, he shares a few of his ideas with our Financial Service Group clients and friends through various media outlets.  Here are Justin’s top picks for August, 2016.  Watch.Listen.Read. and enjoy!

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Buffalo Springfield – For What It’s Worth (02:40)

“There’s battle lines being drawn. Nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong.”


On Being – The Alchemy of Pilgrimage (51:00)

“Every morning, I find myself a different person. I’m always a mystery to myself. If I knew in the first hours of the morning, what I’m going to do, what is going to happen, what attitude or decision should I take, I think my life would be deadly boring because, well, what makes life interesting is the unknown. It is the risks that we take every single moment of a single day.”


MarketWatch – How much money will gold medal winners in Rio take home? (352 words)

“When swimmer Joseph Schooling edged out Michael Phelps and a tight field in the 100-meter butterfly event on Friday night, he became the first athlete from Singapore to win a gold medal — and he will be the first to earn the country’s $753,000 gold-medal bonus.”

Watch.Listen.Read. – September 15, 2015

Justin Moilanen shares his monthly picks on things to watch, listen to, and read.


Big Think – Coffee or Health Insurance?

“They see the long term more than the short term, they are less committed to the emotion of the moment, and they can do better.”

Freakonomics – Are You Ready for a Glorious Sunset?

“Why don’t health insurance companies offer bonuses to patients who are willing to forego standard end-of-life care?”

Farnam Street – Charlie Munger and the Pursuit of Worldly Wisdom

“I believe in the discipline of mastering the best that other people have ever figured out. I don’t believe in just sitting down and trying to dream it all up yourself. Nobody’s that smart.”