Tom Petty – Mystic Eyes (08:53)

“I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be great, wouldn’t it be great if just for one moment…everything was all right. And just for one moment, one moment in time…everything was all right.”

Freakonomics – Failure Is Your Friend (31:03)

“With a pre-mortem, you try to find out what might go wrong before it goes wrong. It really reduces over-confidence. And people are usually way too confident at the beginning of a project. So the pre-mortem tempers that over-confidence.”

The blog of Bill Gates – A Teacher Who Changed My Life (498 words)

“But I should give some credit as well to the dedicated librarian and teacher who helped me find my strengths when I was nine years old. It’s remarkable how much power one good person can have in shaping the life of a child.”

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