Your Financial Service Group team works and lives in the Racine, Wisconsin area and are proud of the many ways we give back to our extended community.

Charity Referral Program

Our Charity Referral program, allows you to select one of our Charity Partners or a charity of your choice to receive $100 every time someone you refer has an initial consultation with us. FSG gives back! 

Book Program

Our book program has delivered more than 800 books at no charge to members of our community in an effort to increase awareness and understanding of personal finance and related topics. We believe a better informed consumer will make better decisions about their personal finances which, in turn, is good for our community.

No-Cost Learning Events

We give back to our community by hosting no-cost learning events on various topics such as: Understanding Social Security, Long-Term Care Planning, Investing 101 and other helpful subjects. We believe a better-informed community will make better choices around their personal finance decisions and that, in turn, helps the community thrive and grow.

Community Involvement

FSG supports local causes and organizations by participating on various boards as well as contributing time, talent, and resources to causes and special events that help build a stronger community.

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