Helping build secure futures for local teens

“Financial education is so important for young people to have exposure to,” says Vince Tortorici, FSG Associate Financial Planner. “Helping teens with financial literacy is a great opportunity to impact individuals who will help grow and contribute to our communities in the future.”

Vince, who joined the FSG team in August 2019, has been working as a SecureFutures volunteer at Park High School in Racine teaching their Money Sense program to primarily juniors and seniors. SecureFutures, formerly Make a Difference-Wisconsin, is a volunteer organization with the goal of empowering teens through financial literacy.

In the U.S. today, about 58% of adults don’t have a budget, 40% carry credit card debt, and 30% don’t save money. According to SecureFutures, 66% of teens graduate highschool without a solid financial education.

“Helping teens change their behavior around money is a key element in the SecureFutures curriculum,” said Vince. Participant outcomes are encouraging with young people feeling more prepared to make financial decisions, reducing their use of check cashing stores, and applying money and saving tips they learned in class.

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