Tom Kiernan

Planning Team

Tom Kiernan – from pilot to planner

Since he was a small child, Tom Kiernan wanted to be a pilot. He turned that dream into reality by earning a Bachelor’s degree in Aeronautics from the University of North Dakota. He then went on to serve as a cargo pilot, program test pilot, and instructor. In 2012, Tom shifted his career focus to the financial planning industry driven by his passion to build lasting relationships and help others experience financial well-being.

In February 2024, Tom joined Financial Service Group as an Associate Financial Planner working directly with Mike Haubrich to support clients and deliver an exceptional level of service.

With over six years of industry experience, Tom is well on his way to earning his CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional designation and is actively preparing to take the CFP® exam.

Some interesting tidbits about Tom:

  • He’s never done karaoke. He says he’s not sure he could carry a tune. We haven’t heard him sing yet, so this observation is completely unverified. We think clients should ask him to sing a few bars to get meetings started.
  • If he were stranded on a deserted island he’d want to have a fully charged satellite phone, a knife, and a flint striker. Clearly, he’s given this some thought or has tried out for Survivor (also unverified!)
  • His favorite season is summer and his most memorable vacation was to the Florida Everglades in 2021. That’s as close to a deserted island as he cares to get even if he had the right tools along with him.
  • His favorite family recipe is caramel chocolate bars, but said it’s a secret he simply cannot share. We’re looking forward to trying these sometime in the near future (hint,hint, Tom!).

Tom is married to Michele and is a proud father to teenage daughter, Mya.



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