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Total Wealth Retainer. Fee-Only Financial Planning

Financial Service Group provides services to its clients on a fee-only basis which means the only compensation received are the fees paid by clients versus commissions from the sale of financial products. Not only is FSG prohibited from accepting commissions but our fees are fixed and based on the complexity of each client’s situation. Our Total Wealth Retainer is determined by broad measures (such as net worth and income) which provides better alignment with the diverse range of services we offer versus a variable fee based on just the size of your investment portfolio. This also helps shift the focus from investment performance to defining and achieving goals to live inspired lives.

Phase 1 Discovery and Goal Setting

After our initial consultation where we learn a little about you and your goals, we have our first discovery and goal setting meeting where we dive right in to where you are today and where you’re heading. Relax in our comfortable office with a cup of coffee and a conversation with your new financial partner. We pride ourselves on creating an environment where you can feel safe and at ease talking about your personal finances, aspirations, family, goals, and life in general.

Phase 2 Planning

During our planning phase we meet with you to develop a plan for realizing your financial goals. We don’t push products that aren’t a fit, we help guide you to the strategies and investment tools that lead you to your destination. We are your guide and partner throughout the entire process, keeping you on your path and helping you be an informed, educated consumer. Our goal is to help you feel safe, confident, and capable every step of our journey together.

Phase 3 Implementation

Your course is charted and your bags are packed, so it’s time to hit the road. At Financial Service Group we don’t say, “Bon Voyage” and “See you later”. Rather, we monitor performance and make sure you’re moving closer to your goals. Our planning process helps you see how the pieces of your life fit together to form a whole picture. The culmination of this extensive planning, combined with the right strategy, financial products, and performance measures, assures that we’ll help you get where you’re going.

Phase 4 Planning Update

Despite our wishes for all sunny days, sometimes storm clouds form and we might need to alter your course. During this phase, we evaluate performance against your goals and determine if we have to adjust the strategy. Adverse market conditions, changes in your life; whatever obstacles pop up on your journey, we’re here and ready to act.

Phase 5 Tax Planning

Tax planning and preparation can be an overwhelming and tricky obstacle that you can’t afford to get wrong. FSG can help you cut it down to size by providing you with expert tax planning in advance and completing your returns at tax time. Our team is always available to help you prepare for this part of the journey. We also provide estate, education, long-term care, and charitable giving planning.

Phase 6 Life Transitions

Goals change, and so do circumstances. Our team of dedicated professionals can help guide you through life’s transitions. Whether it be funding college, planning for early retirement, or any other situation that arises, FSG will work with you to achieve financial peace of mind. As experienced guides, we’ve seen it all, and we can help you plan for the expected and navigate the unexpected.

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