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 Fee-Only Financial Planning

Financial Service Group provides financial life planning services to our clients on a fee-only basis which means we are paid by fees not by commissions from the sale of financial products. In fact, FSG is prohibited from accepting commissions.  Our Relationship Fee is completely transparent, fixed and determined by factors (like your net worth and income) versus a variable fee based on just the size of your investment portfolio. This fee structure eliminates conflicts of interest and provides better alignment with the wide range of services we offer.  It also shifts the focus of our work together from investment performance to defining and achieving your life goals.

Like all relationships, we see ours as having a beginning, a middle and an end.

A well tested process for creating a relationship.


The Beginning.

After our initial consultation where we learn a little about you and your goals, we have our first discovery and goal setting meeting where we dive right into where you are today and where you’re heading. Relax in our comfortable office with a cup of coffee and a conversation with your new financial partner. We pride ourselves on creating an environment where you can feel safe and at ease talking about your personal finances, aspirations, family, goals and life in general.

From there we have several meetings where we work with you to align your money with your life. We don’t push products that aren’t a fit, we help guide you to the strategies and investment tools that fit your needs. Typical topics we cover and develop strategies for include:

  • Your investments
  • Your income tax
  • Your insurance and managing your risks
  • Your retirement plans
  • Your desire for financial independence
  • Your career and how to maximize that asset
  • Your estate/legacy/gifting strategies

The Middle.

Once we’ve begun implementing the strategies to help you live the great life you’ve defined, our relationship is just getting started! We’ll meet with you several times during the year to monitor your progress against your goals. You’re always at the center of the relationship that gives you:

  • Review meetings with rotating agendas to keep you on track
  • Tax advice and preparation to help you keep more of what you make
  • Investment management offering low-cost, research-based portfolios
  • Referrals to other professionals you can count on
  • And any meetings as needed…because life (and change!) happens.

The End.

One of the things we’re often asked is “What happens if I die or if my spouse dies?” Sadly, death represents a very real end to any relationship but at Financial Service Group, you can be confident that we’ll continue to work on your behalf with your surviving spouse and heirs to your estate.  We’ll make sure your wishes are honored, and if appropriate, enter into a new relationship with your heirs to help them with their financial well-being beyond your life.

And yes, some of our clients opt to leave us and go a different path.  If that’s the case, we have a completion process for ensuring the work we’ve done together isn’t lost while transferring your plan and accounts to your new provider.


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