There are times when you need the help of a pro in a given field. To help make the search easier for our financial planning clients, we’ve set up our Trusted Provider Program. Our Financial Advisors have done the research for you and added partners to our program only after they’ve been vetted through our process. If you need additional services such as insurance, real estate, legal, accounting and pension administration, we can refer you to one of our select third party service providers.Tr

Trusted Provider Program

Selection Process

Financial Service Group’s trusted Third Party Service Providers (TPS Providers) are selected based on their level of service and experience in their particular area. All TPS Providers must have a minimum of five years experience in their respective specialty along with the appropriate certifications for their field.

Financial Service Group (FSG) reevaluates its relationship with TPS Providers on an annual basis to determine whether the TPS Provider is meeting the expectations of Financial Service Group and our clients.

Referral Process

Financial Service Group makes recommendations to our clients based on your needs and requirements. Each TPS Provider is able to deliver a particular service to you which cannot be provided by our staff and financial advisors.

If a dispute arises between a client and a TPS Provider, we will facilitate a conversation to the best of our ability to resolve the conflict in a prompt and fair manner.

Ongoing communication between you, the TPS Provider, and Financial Service Group is critical to ensure a successful relationship. If at any time, you believe the level of service does not meet your expectation, you should inform us as soon as possible. While we cannot guarantee the quality of service provided, we make our best effort to assist our clients resolve issues.


Under no circumstances does Financial Service Group provide or receive compensation of any type from any TPS Providers. The relationships maintained by Financial Service Group with TPS Providers are strictly voluntary. There are no contracts between us and TPS Providers as to the type or level of service provided. Future referrals to TPS Providers are based on the quality of service to existing clients which ensures a high level of service to FSG clients.

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