Treat your career like your other assets so it keeps giving you returns

Your career is the fuel that feeds your financial engine. Similar to other asset classes like stocks, bonds, and real estate, your career asset needs to be managed, optimized and maximized with the same attention and view to the future.

A service of Financial Service Group, Career Asset Management is intended to help ensure your career asset generates returns for you longer and results in positive outcomes such as:

  • more financial resources to augment and extend your retirement income;
  • extended opportunities for social interaction, a key contributor to longevity;
  • intellectual stimulation in new or existing areas of interest;
  • expanded opportunities for volunteering or discovering your encore career;
  • improved work+life fit, enabling you to extend your working years


Read the book! Career Asset Management: Getting Ahead, Staying Ahead and Using your Head to Maximize your Career Value

How is your career like real estate, stocks or bonds? With more than 30 years as an industry thought-leader, Financial Service Group’s founder and Certified Financial Planner®, Michael Haubrich, shares how he has helped others view their career as a vital, thriving asset that deserves the same level of investment, attention, and development as other financial assets. In this book you’ll learn how others have extended the earning power of their career asset and achieved improved work+life fit and higher levels of career satisfaction. The easy-to- consume content provides thought- and action-stimulating ideas to inspire you to develop, optimize and maximize your career asset to benefit your wallet and your life. 

About Michael

Michael is the founder of Financial Service Group, Inc. a fee-only firm serving the financial life planning goals of national clients. Michael is known throughout the industry for creatively blending traditional financial planning tools with contemporary insights to help his clients live their great lives. He was a pioneer in developing “career” as an additional asset class which has been widely adopted for use in financial planning practices across the nation.