On a scorching hot day at the end of September, Team FSG undertook to give back to our community at our 2017 Volunteer Day. This year the team supported the Veterans Outreach of Wisconsin in painting interiors of tiny homes at the James A. Peterson Veterans Village at 1624 Yout Street in Racine.

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Team FSG at the James A. Peterson Veterans Village

The project team prepared and painted two homes and got a good start on a third during a day of solid effort of taping, masking, and painting.

“Brittany’s experience working in a paint store during her college years certainly came in handy,” said Volunteer Day 2017Justus Morgan. “She knew alot about the finer points of taping and preparing for the actual painting part.” Knowing that veterans would soon be calling the small-footprint space “home” added a special level of significance to the work.

“Our veterans deserve our respect and appreciation for everything they’ve done,” said Justus. “Painting a living space for them to enjoy seems little in comparison to what they’ve contributed, but the effort enriches us just the same.”

Volunteering is an element of the other community outreach efforts FSG undertakes each year. For the last two years, the team chopped wood and helped prepare the grounds of River Bend Nature Center for the long winter months.

Volunteer Day 2017“It feels good to give back,” said Terri D’Alie, FSG adminstrator, who also supports local veterans through the Veterans of America Motorcycle Club that sponsors Rock for Vets each year as a fundraising effort. “Last year our club donated $5000 to Veterans Outreach of Wisconsin to use toward their various programs including the tiny house project.”

When Terri shared the outcomes of the 2017 Rock for Vets fundraiser, the team Volunteer Day 2017decided that the tiny homes project would provide a great opportunity to contribute with some heavy lifting and identified the tiny homes village as our volunteer day project for this year.

Volunteer Day 2017“It felt really good knowing I was helping them get the village completed before the cold weather sets in,” Terri added. “Volunteering is very consistent with the values we have as a company and it gives us a chance to work together as a team to do something for the community as well as what we do everyday for our clients.”

One of the core values of FSG is “we do everything with heart.” That was evident in the spirit of giving an collaborating at the 2017 FSG Volunteer Day at the James A. Peterson Veterans Village.

VOWThe team was so moved by the experience, we have decided to enhance our support of Veterans Outreach of Wisconsin by including them in our Chairty Referral Program. Through that program, FSG donates $100 in the name of any client who refers someone to our office for a no-cost initial consultation. Other sponsored organization include Hospice Alliance, Healthcare Network, and River Bend Nature Center.

The team is also collecting needed supplies to help stock the tiny homes village and serve the needs of veterans living in southeast Wisconsin throughout the year.  Collection bins will be set up at the office and if you’re interested in donating items, please refer to the VOW donation sheet for what is need by the organization.

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