Why we sharpen the saw

In Steven Covey’s landmark book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, he describes the 7th habit– sharpen the saw–as an essential way of “preserving and enhancing the greatest asset you have…you.”

Sharpening the saw means to be intentional about taking time to ponder, refresh, and renew four aspects of your life: physical, social/emotional, mental and spiritual. One can sharpen the saw in many ways. For example, daily exercise helps sharpen your physical saw; reading a great book sharpens your mental saw, getting together with colleagues or friends helps refresh your social and emotional well-being. This list of ways to sharpen the saw is long and varied.

Annual Strategic Planning

At FSG our core values address these aspects of our clients’ and our own lives as well. We believe in taking time to reflect, consider (and reconsider) our plans for how we’ll add value to our clients. Each year in January, the planning team meets offsite for a couple of days of concentrated reflection and

Sharpen the saw
Mike, Justin and Justus take a hike during 2016 Strategy Planning Days

strategy planning for the new year. During those days, the team looks back over the accomplishments of the previous year, analyzes areas where we can improve our processes and our service delivery, identifies personal and professional goals, and celebrates the culture and environment of which we are a part. Activities during the off-meeting times center around strengthening our minds and bodies. A productive and healthy start to the new year sets a tone for the busy months to follow.

Quarterly Rocks

Once a quarter, the entire office team spends one day offsite doing a mini-version of the same. As a full team, we discuss the coming quarter’s projects (known as our Big Rocks), identify known or anticipated obstacles that may block us from getting done what we’ve set out to do, and show appreciation for the personal and professional accomplishments of our team members for the past quarter. Each time, we come back to the office with a renewed committment to our values and an aligned approach to what is ahead.

Through the year, we encourage our team to participate in myriad learning opportunities, training programs and conferences to ensure each feels prepared to be their “best self” in service to our clients.

We know that sharpening our saw takes us away from the office and our daily work tasks. We also know the vital role it plays in creating the culture and environment that enables us to help you in your financial  life journey so you can Live Your Great Life…however you define it and want it to be.


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