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No Commissions – Fee-Only Retirement Planning

At Financial Service Group we take the worry out of your retirement planning so you can give your attention to all the other aspects of your great life.

Financial Service Group provides fee-only retirement and personal financial planning, meaning you’ll never be charged commissions from the sale of any financial product. We charge fees for our consulting services and those fees are completely transparent to you.

You see, many financial advisors charge commissions on the sale of financial products – the more things they sell you, the more money they make. Others charge what’s called an AUM, or assets under management percentage which is based on how much your portfolio is worth during a given quarter. So, if the stock market is doing well, you’ll pay more to your advisor. In other words the gains you make during a high-performing stock market could easily get consumed by your financial advisor.

Client-Centered Retirement Planning

That’s not the case with Financial Service Group. Our fee-only model ensures we’re not selling you products you may or may not need simply so we can cash in on a commission. We’re not reducing your retirement savings by charging you more when the market is performing. Rather, we’re looking to create a lasting relationship that addresses not only your retirement planning needs, but looks at your entire financial well-being including your financial goals for retirement and for those you have set to activate your great life right now.

Our financial planning process begins well before your retirement with getting to know you and what matters most to you and your family. We help you define and refine your financial goals that serve to support your family, social, and retirement goals. We ensure your estate planning documents, beneficiary designations, asset allocations, and all the other details of your financial life are in order. We create a plan that addresses exactly what you want to experience in your retirement.

Our Certified Financial Planners™

Once we have your plan in place, we have financial planning updates several times a year and are always accessible to you via phone to help you address your questions and concerns. We’re flexible and responsive to the changes that will inevitably occur and impact your retirement and financial plan

Our client-centered financial planning model ensures you get the collective thinking of our Certified Financial PlannerTM professionals. The CFP® certification is the financial planning industry’s gold standard indicating rigorous training, thorough knowledge and demonstrated experience. Regardless of the CFP® professional you’ll work with directly, you’ll have the extra advantage of and access to other team members each bringing a unique set of skills and experience help you achieve your retirement planning goals.

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To learn more about investment planning with Financial Service Group set up a free, no-obligation 30 minute phone call. If we’re not the right financial planning partner for you, our Find Your Fit commitment ensures we’ll help you find a model that will work best for you.

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