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9781599325095-Perfect.indd“This book helped me to think about my career , how I am managing this very important asset and how I might do even more to be intentional. I like the real-world examples, featuring the career asset as primary with the key support of financial assets (the necessary planning).” — Deborah L. Ford, PhD, Chancellor University of Wisconsin-Parkside

“This book is a terrific inter-disciplinary resource.  Mike Haubrich brings his innovative thinking , spirit of collaboration and passion for providing exceptional client service to life in the publication of this hands-on gem.” — Jane Schroeder, MS Momentum Partners

“In this ground-breaking book, Mike Haubrich transforms how we each think about and manage our careers.  Its appealing mix of theory, story and actionable steps will make it the go-to classic resource for individuals rethinking career issues and for financial advisors who want to stay current with fundamental best practices.” — Paula Hogan, CFP, CFA Financial Planning Advisor and author Wealthinking blog and Trust Quarterly

“Imagine treating your career as your most valuable workplace asset, and learning how to maximize it for greatest financial reward and life satisfaction. Career Asset Management, clearly explains this brilliant framework, why it matters to you and those whose careers you guide, and how to apply it step-by-step. It will change how you think about your work and your career, and more importantly, what you do about it.” — Edward Jacobson, PhD, MBA author of Appreciative Moments: Stories and Practices for Living and Working Appreciatively

“This is the clearest guidebook we have to one of the next frontiers of personal finance and financial planning: managing and monitoring the valuable career asset with the same care and diligence as you would tend an investment portfolio.” — Bob Veres Inside Information and past-editor of Financial Planning Magazine

“Mike Haubrich has done an excellent job of putting together a concise book that will change the way you view your career. It is engaging, easy to read, and filled with stories that illustrate how you go about putting a value on your career – and not just in terms of money. He discusses the impact intentional career management can have on your overall well-being – and after you read it you think, “Of course. That makes sense. Why didn’t I think of it that way before?” You are bound to learn something that will improve your own career decisions, and if you are in management, it will help you see the careers of those who work for you in a new light.” — Dana Anspach, CFP, RMA and author of the blog Money Over 55

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