October Investment Update

As you have likely heard, the stock markets have had a bumpy ride this year. The cliché financial advice you often hear in times like this is “don’t panic.” While this advice may be true for some, it most certainly isn’t for others.
The reality is that for those outside of the FSG family who haven’t developed a financial plan, there may very well be reason to panic. After all, it’s hard to stick to a plan you don’t have. You, however, as an FSG client can rest assured that the plan we co-created is built around the inevitability of market crashes. While we can’t predict the next crisis, you can take comfort in the team and systems we have in place to act as needed when it happens.
For example, we invested in portfolio management software to help us monitor your portfolio in real-time. This allows us to quickly take advantage of market opportunities. Specifically, it enables rebalancing which is essentially buying stocks after the market declines and selling stocks after the market recovers. It also allows us to review your cash balances and craft options to receive competitive returns in this challenging interest rate environment.
While the big unexpected event of the year is coronavirus, the big expected event of the year is the upcoming presidential election. A question we often hear during election cycles is “what will happen to my money if candidate XYZ is elected?” To help answer that question, we’ve pulled together the resources listed below.
As always, we’re here for any questions you have.
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