Elder Life Planning

Strategies for your great late- and end-of-life

At Financial Service Group, we care about helping you live your definition of your great life, no matter what age you are.

Our Elder Life Planning practice is intended to help ensure your peace of mind around your money, legacy, and overall well-being as you live your great late life.

The practice is led by CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)®, Michael Haubrich, the founder of Financial Service Group, Inc.

Elder Life Planning involves deeper exploration into topics clients first experience as part of their retainer relationship with FSG including:

  • Strategic powers of attorney and beneficiary designations
  • Legacy planning and end-of-life gifting strategies
  • Late-life care and housing options
  • End-of-life wishes and directions
  • Facilitated whole-family dialogues

Caring Hearts Conversations – getting to the heart of what matters most to you

A cornerstone of late-life planning, this facilitated, intergenerational dialogue focuses on the family’s attitudes, values, and beliefs about caring for their aging loved ones. We examine the individual perspectives and input of each family member to create a vison of late- and end-of-life.

A customized approach to late-life

Throughout your relationship with Financial Service Group, you’ve experienced our financial life planning strategies. Now, as you enter your late-life and end-of-life phase, we can provide extended, for-fee services dedicated specifically for the specialized financial and care needs of this stage.

Realizing your legacy completion

Working together we will ensure your legacy wishes for yourself, your family, your community, and the causes you feel strongly about are documented and integrated into your estate plans. We will map out a plan to complete your legacy in these key areas and provide you with referral resources to facilitate the realization of your wishes. We will work with you to create specific plans for your end-of-life wishes and directions.

Facilitating your late-life comfort

Our Elder Life Planning Service includes addressing the critical component of how and where you want to live in aging as well as the type of care you wish to receive. Housing options such as independent or assisted living and custodial/skilled care will be identified and researched. Specific facilities and resources within your communities will be identified and communicated to you and your family and/or care providers.

We can assist in facilitating your housing plan by:

  • Negotiating housing and care services contracts
  • Providing and coordinating resources for packing, moving, cleaning-out and repairing or rehabbing your existing home
  • Facilitating the sale of your existing home

Keeping everyone on the same page

Ongoing Caring Hearts Conversations with you and your family will ensure that your Elder Life Plan is being executed according to your defined expectations and in alignment with the previously identified roles each person will play in your late- and end-of-life wellbeing.

Fees for Elder Life Planning

Customized, personalized Elder Life Planning services that are beyond those included in our Retainer Fee Relationship are delivered outside the Financial Service Group retainer fee at a rate of $250/hour or $2000/day+travel

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